Everyone Deserves a Safe and Healthy Home

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A variety of hazards exist in homes and they can be a source of, or a contributing factor to a number of illnesses and injuries. Unhealthy homes expose you and your family to environmental hazards including injury, lead-based paint, combustion gases, molds and pesticides. These hazards are a risk for everyone, children are of special concern because:

  •  Their bodies are still growing and developing.
  •  They eat more food, drink more water and breathe more air for their size than adults.
  •  They play and crawl on the ground and put their fingers into their mouths.
  •   They depend on adults to make their homes safe.

Learn how to create your own healthy spaces by using the Everyone Deserves a Save and Healthy Home guide to explore potential hazards where you live and following the action steps for correcting those hazards. Hazards such as radon, lead paint, mold and moisture, carbon monoxide, pests, and more are identified. It also shares the 8 principles of a healthy homes.