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Finding Qualified Professionals to Fix Radon in a Home

Until 1998, U.S.EPA used to certify radon professionals under its National Radon Proficiency Program (RPP). After this program shut down, two national level programs have been involved in certifying and accrediting professionals/companies/laboratories for radon testing and mitigation (reducing or fixing radon). Both programs are run by private agencies. Brief details about each are provided in next couple of paragraphs. EPA however recommends that whenever a homeowner is looking for a qualified radon professional,he/she should first get in touch with the State Radon Office to get updated information on state as well as federal regulations regarding radon measurement and mitigation. Some states have their own regulations which may be more stringent than the federal, and will always supersede the federal regulations. Whatever be the case, if the homeowner desires to hire professional services for radon related work, it is always advisable to use certified services.

  1. National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP): It provides useful guidelines on how to select the right radon contractor. Click here  for these guidelines. It also allows to search for Radon professionals on state basis using the second tab of “Find a Professional” in the list of tabs on   left hand side. One can search either for a professional providing radon measurement services, mitigation (reducing) services and laboratories for radon analysis.
  2. National Radon Safety Board (NRSB):  The “Find a Professional” link can help consumers quickly find certified individuals who operate in their area. The link allows to make a search of professionals/services in different categories by zip code, company name or last name, and state. A Radon Measurement Technician /Specialist would be qualified with radon testing, Radon Mitigation Specialist qualified in fixing the radon issue, and Accredited Radon Laboratories can assist homeowners to get a test kit, do the test and submit to the laboratory for analysis. One can access detailed explanation of these terms here.
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